Church bench on a scale of 1:35 made of balsa wood

Lasercut technology enables the model maker to have unimagined possibilities. For a church diorama I needed some church benches in the appropriate size. The company Style Design by Thomas Bäcker made them for me according to my drawing.

The laser allows constructions with the finest details. Note the engravings on the side walls of the bench.

The release of the individual components is easy to remove. Of course, a certain amount of care is necessary – because balsa wood breaks quickly by nature.

The most secure connection of the components is with wood glue or second glue.

Engraving gives the bench an interesting appearance. Here you can see a picture of the pre-assembled bench.

Also the “knee bench” was thought of as you can see at the rear view. The bench can be painted with oil or acrylic paints. It is important not to work too damp, otherwise the wood can warp.

The ornaments on the side walls are particularly impressive. Soon this church bench will also be available in the shop.