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Laser-cut in model making is nothing new. Precise edges, straight cuts and fine engravings are ideal for demanding model making and therefore a laser is a well-used tool in this area. Our incentive is to create things that are nevertheless “living” and develop their own charm, despite all the technical circumstances and also with the limitations that this encesities. There will be major projects, entire streets, bridges and complicated constructions … but also small and filigree vignettes for the figure collectors. Corners of houses, diorama accessories and much more! The ideas will certainly not run out of us so quickly… and if you have an exciting idea, just write us an e-mail! There are always new materials that land under our laser. From balsa wood, paper, MDF to acrylic glass, everything can be used.



Laser-cut & Laser-draw

Are you looking for the individual? Let your creativity run wild and talk to me about a possible solution. Whether gift, implementation of own ideas, small series on behalf of customers. A lot is possible with modern CO 2 laser technology.
CO 2 Laser 716 x 430 mm Machining area Engraving: acrylic, glass, wood, plastic, laminate, leather, paper, stone, textiles (also round engraving possible)
Cutting: acrylic, wood, plastic, laminate, leather, paper, textiles.

Storage stystem

The storagae systems are characterized by their flat, modular design and an appealing design, which is subject to design protection. Thanks to the clear, restrained design language, your favorite pieces are presented as they deserve. Problem-free handling and individual design are further advantages of the system. Thanks to the flexible height design, steelbooks, mediabooks, PS3, PS4, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Blue Rays, PC games up to a depth of 15mm find their stylish place. Also for vinyl lovers there is a corresponding profile which offers an optimal presentation of your favorite plates up to a depth of 11mm the appropriate frame.

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